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Summer School Programs

Summer school is the best experience for any youth to experience in their early age.

During the study program, students have the chance to study intensive english, entrepreneurship and leadership, at the same time exploring and enjoying many extracurricular activities based on the cities of their choosing.

Kids will gain lots of benefits from such a program - gaining confidence, developing language and social skills and getting the chance to meet people from all around the world.

King's college

Located in the heart of London at one of the world’s top ranking university campuses and surrounded by iconic landmarks.


On the Football Performance Programme, you can follow in the footsteps of your favourite Manchester City footballers and train at the prestigious Etihad Campus. 

Ages 9-13

Ages 14-17


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Boarding School Programs

Your Route to the UK's Best Universities

GCSE - A Level test

East Sussex -

Buckswood school

The Junior School caters for students between 10-14 years of age. It is an integral part of this traditional British independent school, and it is where the whole process begins as we prepare our students for entry to the top UK Universities.

Our timetable embraces a traditional British curriculum with 14 different subjects, Extra English language support is provided for international students. All students are able to use the unique Buckswood ‘Access Time’, a free facility allowing pupils 1-to-1 assistance from their subject tutors.

london -


the MPW Group is one of the best known and well respected independent college brands in the UK. It provides highly attractive and modern learning environments located in close proximity to prestigious university campuses.

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