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Our Story

Almost 90% of Arab university students change their program of study within the 1st year of academic studies; we believe that this is caused by the lack of guidance and education consultation. As an Education Consultancy agency, LCAgency strived to tackle this severe problem by introducing the First Year Gap Program as the first tailor-made program targeted at providing Arab students with the opportunity to study abroad to build a better understanding of making the right education and career choices.

Initially, the program was started in the United Kingdom within the metropolitan city of London as to provide students the chance of exploring a multicultural capital and develop interpersonal skills in preparation to academic education. Our services have now expanded as we offer the program in other countries such as Germany and Spain. After witnessing the remarkable impact of the program on high-school graduates, LCAgency sought to offer similar programs with the same goal to both younger and older demographics. For students yet to complete their high-school education, we offer Summer School Programs for Language & Entrepreneurship, as well as a Boarding School Program. Moreover, for those interested in academic education abroad, our programs include: Foundation Year Porgram for those looking for a Bachelor degree, in addition to Programs for students pursuing a Masters or PhD which provide guidance on the application process (CV, Cover Letter, interview preparation, etc..) of such programs.

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Mohamed zaid

Sales manager & PNP at Abbvie

" I had the privilege of attending an English course, intending to approve  my English level, an unforgettable experience. "

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Jeries Qanaza

Software Engineer

" Taking the IELTS preparation course leveled-up my English, and with the escort of LCAgency my English speaking skills became better.
Now I study and work in the field of software engineering where the tech world requires a lot of communications with foreign people. "

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Besan Issawe

Gap year program, Medicine student candidate

" Attending IELTS preparation course in York city and then moving to London allowed me to meet many new friends  from different areas in the world, to experience the student life while enjoying and exploring London.

I am very grateful for this great opportunity. It changed my life and strengthened my self-esteem, and helped me prepare for my Bachelor's studies. "


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Amin Mohsin

2nd-Year Student At University College London

" From Tamra , took the Gap Year program, IELTS Preparation and Foundation year.

Accepted to UCL as the first Arab student from Israel, while studying Innovation and Economy I founded a startup for freshmen applying for internship in Banking called CLIO, which is the biggest platform for students nowadays in the UK. "

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Ahmad Mresat

2nd Year Medical Student

" I took the 4 months Gap Year program and

IELTS preparations.

Now I'm a 2nd Year Medical Student in Szeged, Hungary. "

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Lina abu Ihsan

MA in Psychology, PhD candidate

" I tool the IELTS 6 month preparation course in London, and finished my MA in psychology in Jordan. nowadays I'm a PhD candidate in psychology.

In addition, I initiated a story telling program for kids about the Covid 19. Books title "Who are Corona. "

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Salama Mahamed

Law Student at Queen Mary University of London

" Originally from Haifa, I took the 6 month IELTS preparation program in London, and got accepted to Queen Mary University of London - Law school. "

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Rania Diab

Medical Student at the University of Buckingham

" I'm from Tamra City. Took the Gap Year program, and IELTS preparation course and got a score of 7, and got accepted for Medicine study degree in Nottingham University, UK. "

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Maisan Saffouri
2nd Year Law and Accounting Student in Tel-Aviv 

" Originally from Shfaram, had the Gap Year program after finishing myy high school and did 3 months IELTS preparation course in London.

Nowadays, I'm a 2nd year student for Law and Accounting in Tel-Aviv University. "

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Mohamed Abu Raya

Business Administration Student at the University of Greenwich

From Sakhnin, took the Gap Year program in YORK and London and got accepted to the University of Greenwich for Business Administration

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Adi Yassinn

BA Musical Studies in ICMP in London

Took the Gap Year program and IELTS preparation program.

Got accepted for BA Musical studies at ICMP - The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, London.

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Merei Yacoub
Medical Student Candidate

Summer Entrepreneurship program at King's College London, got 147 in the English part of the Psychometric exam, and candidate for medicine in Israel's top universities.

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